Dogs shows are fun and exciting! You might feel like petting all the dogs, but wait! Please keep these things in mind as you walk around and enjoy the show.

  • Leave your own dog at home. For everyone’s safety, we don’t allow unentered dogs at the show. Of course, Americans with Disabilities Act qualified service dogs and miniature horses are always welcome as allowed under New Mexico and federal law.
  • Do you have small children with you? Don’t let them run up to dogs or stick their fingers and hands into crates or exercise pens. Also, for everyone’s safety we don’t allow strollers at the show. Strollers can place a child’s face at the same level as unfamiliar dogs’ faces. Plus, a stroller can accidentally run over dogs’ paws and tails.
  • Be careful where you step so you don’t step on paws, noses or tails!
  • Stay away from ring entrances. It is very difficult for handlers to get in and out of the rings when people are in the way of the entrance.
  • Keep food away from the ring. It is a distraction to the dogs.
  • Always ask before you pet a dog. The handlers (people showing dogs) spend a lot of time and energy grooming their dogs for the show.
  • Wait until handlers have finished an event before asking questions. Before they show, they are focusing on their dog and getting ready for their turn in the ring. Again, always ask permission before petting a dog!
  • Turn off your cell phone, or put it on vibrate or silent mode. It is a distraction to the dogs and handlers.
  • Do not lean over the rings or talk to handlers when they are in the ring showing.